Company Presentation

HATSIOS Development

   Presently the Company is active exclusively in the development and management of real estate and renewable energy resources. By mobilizing the services of the sister companies- ΑΝΑΧ Consulting, ANAX Design+Engineering, ANAX Constructions & ANAX Energy- it carefully selects and evaluates new investment projects, proceeding to their design and materialization and consequently to their sale or management. With a distinguished portfolio of construction projects and a large number of content clients, the company is a considerable player in its field.

ANAX Group

   The Anax Group of companies with a full awareness of the challenges facing our times, is active in the fields of real estate and energy. With an innovative corporate structure, with independent but in the same time fully complementary departments, it aims to please its clients by offering high quality services. Each and every project, regardless of size and scope, is treated with the same passion and sense of responsibility, while in the same time serves as a motive for constantly improving the company goals and safeguarding its presence in a market that grows more and more competitive.

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