Hatsios Development S.A.  has been activated since 1955 in the construction and sales of buildings.  With the experience gained by undertaking several projects, it has been developed gradually and consolidated its place in the market. By interacting in all stages and procedures of the construction, it got involved in research and evaluation as well as in design and erection of residences and offices.  Emphasizing in rational commercial exploitation and taking consideration of excellent aesthetics at design, high standards at constructions and consistency at transactions, the company became a reliable and accomplished power in its domain.

   The modern era gives new prospective to the company which is able to react directly to the commercial and technical challenges. With respect to its history, tradition and the environment it exploits the newest trends in design and construction when simultaneously   aims towards grapping the chance given by the “environmental challenge”.  It visualizes a stably uprising future while conserving its initial principles and philosophy for stable development, continual and balanced extension, quality, consistency and reliability that got it successful in its domain.