Michalis Hatsios, chief executive officer, was born in the region “Mastoroxoria” of Epirus, a name derived from the word “mastoras”, which means craftsman in Greek and he himself comes from a family of craftsmen. From the 16th century, craftsmen organized in groups ,called “bouloukia”, with an unwritten but strict code of regulations and hierarchies, moved from place to place building a wide array of constructions: bridges, schools, churches, palaces for the Ottoman rulers, mosques, Turkish baths, mansions for the rich, lighthouses, flour mills and oil presses. They built with a sense of morality and pride and their knowledge and experience set the foundations for an indigenous architectural form. Their work became the subject of popular legends and songs.

  Their craftsmanship and knowhow was based on a deep knowledge and understanding of the beauty and resilience of local materials and a deep-seated faith in tradition and the unswerving application of building techniques. Michalis Hatsios’ family comes from this group of people and for more than four generations, the name Hatsios is closely identified with the field of construction.

   The company “Alexandros M. Hatsios Partnership” was founded in Athens in 1955. It run a successful course until 1985, leaving its mark on a large number of buildings, mainly in the centre of Athens. In 1985, Michalis Hatsios, a professional architect by that time, takes the lead of the company. From that year to this day, the company under the name of “Hatsios Development S.A.” has undertaken many projects, multiplying its capitalization and achieving impressive rates of growth on an annual basis.